Law Firm Policies on Fees & Costs

Our Firm’s goal is to charge a reasonable fee for the services rendered and results obtained for our clients. Factors we take into consideration in arriving at a reasonable fee are the time and skill required; the novelty and difficulty of the matter; the amount, risk and time constraints involved; our experience and ability; and, finally, the result obtained and its value to our client. Our fees are discussed and agreed upon at the time we are engaged and clients can feel free to inquire about fees any time. Fee arrangements will fall into three categories: (a) hourly rate; (b) contingent fee; and (c) fixed fee.

Hourly Rate Fee:

The individual attorneys will bill at their respective hourly rate with legal assistants billing substantially reduced rate. If possible, we will provide an estimate of the total fee.

Contingent Fee:

Fees will be billed on a contingent basis at an agreed upon percentage of the dollars received or dollars saved for the client. It may be modified with a fixed minimum fee to be paid regardless of the outcome. All contingent fee arrangements will be in writing and agreed to in advance with the client.

Fixed Fee:

A fixed fee is a standard set fee billed for performance of a specific task for our client.

Retainer Fee:

A client may be asked to pay a retainer fee in advance which will be applied as services are provided or held as security for payment of the final bill.


Legal costs are in addition to attorney’s fees and are to be paid when billed.  Costs which are incurred on a client’s behalf consist of:  out-of-pocket costs, such as filing fees, deposition,  and outside expert fees, copies, travel, and lodging.

Legal Assistants:

Services of Certified Legal Assistants whose hourly rate is approximately one-third of the Firm attorneys will be used whenever appropriate.

Payment Terms:

Fees and costs are billed monthly. Payment will be due within thirty (30) days and may bear a late payment finance charge of 1½% per month (18% annual). Failure to timely pay fees and costs may terminate further services.

Our Firm cherishes the continued goodwill of every client and encourages any client who has questions concerning a bill for fees and costs to review it with a member of the Firm.

If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please send us a message.