Our exceptional staff at Kelsch Ruff Kranda Nagle & Ludwig has decades of experience in serving our clients. We appreciate their skilled and dedicated work, and we know that when you reach out to our office, you will receive the best assistance in a timely manner, from our friendly staff. Each staff member will competently direct you to the correct attorney to suit your needs and offer you the support necessary to make your time with us a quality experience.

Kay Duchsherer
Legal Assistant

Service began 1976
44+ years of experience

  • Kay is involved with Estate Planning, Probate, Litigation, Real Estate and Mineral Rights
  • Kay is the Legal Assistant for Arlen M. Ruff  & Thomas D. Kelsch

Lori Hanson
Legal/Lobbying Assistant

Service began 1994
32+ years of experience

  • Lori is involved with Family Law and Domestic Cases; Collections, Estate Planning, and Lobbying Clients
  • Lori is the Legal Assistant for Daniel J Nagle and Todd D. Kranda
  • Lori is also the Lobbying Assistant for Todd D. Kranda, Thomas D. Kelsch & Alexander S. Kelsch

Trisha Kinnischtzke
Legal Assistant

Service began 2013
13+ years of experience

  • Trisha is involved with Family Law, Domestic, Bankruptcy Filings, Indigent Defense files, and a mixture of other
  • Trisha is the Legal Assistant for Garrett D. Ludwig  & Alexander S. Kelsch

Nicole Morel
Legal Assistant

Service began 2016
9+ years of experience

  • Nicole is new to the Legal Field, however, has background in Medical Field
  • Nicole assists  Alexander S. Kelsch with Bankruptcy & Indigent Defense
  • Nicole assists Thomas D. Kelsch & Daniel J. Nagle with Personal Injury

Lana Reiner

Service began 1994
23+ years of experience

  • Lana greets clients as they enter our office, she answers the phone, documents the mail, runs most office errands, opens files, closes files, files, plus much, much more!

Irene Merck
Office Manager/Bookkeeper

Service began 1996
40+ years of experience

  • Irene processes the monthly billing, accounts receivable & payable; payroll, quarterly reports, financial statements, most HR duties.
  • All advertising, sales calls, phone system, computer system, donation solicitations, and many other internal office concerns.