Kelsch Ruff Kranda Nagle & Ludwig is a professional attorney firm in Mandan, North Dakota. We provide complete Legal services for all types of contracts. All our attorneys bring extensive experience and service to those seeking contractual Legal advice and Representation.

Our attorneys conduct in-depth business Contract research for our clients and their company, and guide each client through the process. We draft contractual documents that reflect the needs of individual clients and their businesses. This is done in order to strategically and legally prepare for the client’s future. In addition, we provide Legal Contract creation services and review documents for General Governance, Personnel Policies, Risk Management, Estate Planning and Corporate Contracts.

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Arlen M. Ruff, P.C. has been providing Business and Commercial Law and Litigation services since 1979. With his expertise in Financial, Corporate, Creditors, Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, and Probate, he offers each client the professional experience and dedicated services they expect.

Thomas D. Kelsch, P.C. serves in Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury, Torts and Products Liability as well as after law Real Estate Commercial Contracts. and Estate Planning. Additionally, he carries extensive knowledge and experience in Administrative Law.

We are a full service law firm that represents clients in all Legal matters, from Criminal Justice to Family Law, Corporate Contracts to Estate Planning. Contact us today, if we can help you with our legal services.