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Bankruptcy Attorneys Are Here to Help

The bankruptcy attorneys at Kelsch Ruff Kranda Nagle & Ludwig understand that it is not an easy decision to seek out bankruptcy protection. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can help you on your way to a fresh start. We effectively help you deal with bill collectors, loan debts, creditors, lawsuits, garnishments, foreclosures, levies and liens.

Which Bankruptcy Chapters Do You Handle?

There are two common types of bankruptcy protection filings – Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Most clients are Chapter 7, but this is dependent on several factors, including your budget, creditors, assets and financial history.

What Debts Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cover?

  • Credit card debt, which includes overdue payments and late fees
  • Accounts in collections by agencies
  • Bills from medical expenses
  • Personal loans borrowed from friends, family, and employers
  • Late home utility balances
  • Balances resulting from repossessions
  • Most claims from automobile accidents
  • Debts incurred from business
  • Rent that is past due and money owed per lease agreement between landlord and tenant
  • Most civil court lawsuit judgments
  • Penalties from old and unpaid taxes
  • Program overpayments from the government, such as welfare, and social security

What Debts Does Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Cover?

  • Credit card debt, including overdue payments and late fees
  • Bills from medical expenses
  • Any personal loans without collateral
  • Most old and unpaid taxes
  • Contract breaches and debt incurred from negligence

Debts That Are Covered Under Chapter 13, But Not Chapter 7

  • Property damage that was willing and malicious (not willful towards a person)
  • Debts that were created in order to pay nondischargeable taxes
  • Debts incurred from divorce or property separation settlements
  • Homeowners’ dues if surrendering home as part of your Chapter 13 plan
  • Financial obligations to a city, county, state, or other government agency
  • Debts from previously unsuccessful bankruptcy cases

Why Do I Need a Bankruptcy attorney?

We can help you determine the best course of action for your individual situation allowed by the laws of North Dakota and US Bankruptcy law so you don’t risk a do-it-yourself approach. Having an experienced bankruptcy lawyer is the best way to ensure that nothing is left to chance and financial issues will not be overlooked. Therefore, more problems will not be created in the future.

How Do I File for Bankruptcy in North Dakota?

Contact us for a private consultation and we will help you to get back on track financially. We will also help you find your way through the debt and legal process to a more positive financial future.


Bankruptcy attorneys Ready to serve our Mandan – Bismarck Clients

Our entire legal team provides guidance, remedy and support services to our bankruptcy clients. In particular, Alexander S. Kelsch, P.C. is an effective and experienced bankruptcy law attorney and can provide you with options for bankruptcy. His areas of expertise include bankruptcy, estate planning, criminal defense and domestic relations.

We serve clients that wish to utilize bankruptcy to prevent property and home foreclosure. Kelsch Ruff Kranda Nagle & Ludwig also provides business bankruptcy services for small, medium and large businesses.