Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Kelsch Ruff Kranda Nagle & Ludwig is a full-service legal team dedicated to listening and answering your questions, as well as providing resources to help you when you are facing a personal injury. We believe that you deserve the best legal representation from skilled professionals who will help you obtain the full and fair compensation that you are entitled to for your injury and subsequent losses. We have represented many clients in negligence and injury cases, and our lawyers also provide first-class service and attention to detail in every case.


Personal Injury Attorneys in Mandan & Bismarck

Our seven-person legal team serves our communities of Mandan and Bismarck, ND with integrity and effective representation. In particular, Garrett D. Ludwig, P.C., Thomas D. Kelsch, P.C. and Daniel J. Nagle, P.C. bring our clients many years of experience in personal injury. We also offer private consultations for our clients. After a personal injury we provide counsel, full investigation of your injury details and develop a legal plan to provide the correct resolution for your financial recovery.

We provide expert legal representation and resolutions in the following areas:

  • Vehicle accidents – auto, truck and motorcycle crashes
  • Medical malpractice
  • Construction accidents – on the job or in the public domain
  • Dangerous or damaged equipment injuries – large equipment, tools, machinery and home product failures
  • Animal attack injury – dog bites, large animals, unrestrained pets
  • Serious injury from falls
  • Catastrophic loss from bodily injury – such as broken bones, spinal cord injury or paralysis, brain injury, loss of limbs
  • We also represent person/s and families in wrongful death cases

Reach out to us today, or call us at (701) 663-9818. All calls are confidential. An experienced attorney will kindly provide you with answers to your questions and the right legal representation for your Personal Injury case.